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HoneyBook is my client management system! It literally saves me HOURS and keeps everything organized in ONE place. It also allows you to have templates for things like contracts, proposals, emails, questionnaires and hooks these all up in a workflow that you can set to be dependent on your client's project date! It will give me "tasks" to stay on track each week!


Showit allows me to design my website & structure everything EXACTLY as I would like it to be! It also hooks up with my Wordpress blog seamlessly. You can design both for desktop & mobile at the same time and it's pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it!


Quickbooks keeps all of my finances organized! It houses all my receipts for business purchases, keeps track of how much I've paid myself, and even mileage for the business. It even allows me to add my accountant straight to my account! It takes less than 30 minutes a week to make sure it's up to date & ready to go for when tax season rolls around!


Planoly has made the Instagram game SO much easier for me! It allows me to rearrange my grid of photos so that my feed can always be a beautiful mini-portfolio & representation of my brand! It also allows auto-posting with hashtags, tagged vendors & geo-tagging which automates posting images so that I can focus more on stories! It also has analytics to dig into what works well!


Tailwind is my Planoly equivalent for Pinterest! Pins have a longer shelf life than any social media posts which is super helpful! It allows me to continually drive to my educational blog posts using SmartLoops and generate a TON more traffic to my website over time! Also, with Tribes I can easily pin other inspiration & educational content from others quickly! Get 1 month for free!


I use PASS Plus for my image galleries! It makes it super easy on my end to upload all the images from a shoot or to separate them into folders for weddings so that my clients can easily access whichever image they're looking for! It also allows my clients to print images or canvases from the gallery itself & allows controls on who can access the gallery! Get ONE month free with the code 8ZTA54

These are affiliate links for which I'll receive a small kickback at no additional cost to you. These are apps/tools that I use EVERY week within my business & wholeheartedly believe in and trust!








I use Adobe Lightroom to edit 100% of my images! It allows me to edit one image in a specific lighting scenario and then sync every other image in that same lighting situation which makes editing a breeze! Also, it applies my personal editing preset on import saving me HOURS of time adding the same tweaks over & over again! There's also a FREE mobile version for your phone!


Photomechanic is another app that saves me HOURS of time! It quickly loads the massive RAW images allowing me to figure out which images to keep and which ones are duplicates! Blogstomp allows me to pair vertical images together for the blog & resizes my images for the size of my blog so that they look beautiful and aren't compressed to low-quality!


My ENTIRE business runs off of Asana and the best part is that it's FREE! It houses everything from important business information, to checklists & details of business projects & my marketing map of what content will be going out when! It gives me one centralized place to work out of. There's due dates, labels, checklists, attachments, etc and you can make it work to fit your needs!





I use KISS to help design and print beautiful handcrafted albums for my clients! These are heavy-duty and their team does a great job at ensuring the quality of each and every album before it goes out the door! They also will allow you to package up the album well so that it's beautiful when it arrives at your clients' doorsteps! If you order over $100 you'll get $50 back to your account with this code.


Flodesk is my most recent addition! It's what I use to be able to set up & serve my email lists. It makes it super easy to design opt-ins, to organize subscribers on the backend of things and automate workflows for things like delivering your opt-in or freebie, welcome sequence & sales sequences. It's super light & easy to use and I love how it's simple despite being robust! Use this code for 50% off!


I take image safety SUPER seriously around here! Backblaze is what I use to backup my computer & hard drives that have THOUSANDS of wedding day images! I do keep a backup of each individual hard drive on another hard drive in case of failure but this way the wedding day images are in the cloud as well so no matter what happens to the hard drives physically, the images are all safe! 






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